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The Amalfi Coast

One of the most surreal, spectacular areas of the world, popular throughout the year, but moreso during the summer or holidays. 

Join the inspired people
enjoying their holidays in the Amalfi Coast, Italy.
Amazing view from Villa Treville

There are many reasons for the flattering popularity of this area, but the easiest ones to distinguish are the local landmarks and museums.

The Amalfi Cathedral was built in the 9th century, boasting an ornate interior and holding the crypt of St Andrew. You’ll find Villa Rufolo a bit inland after a short drive, dating back to the 1200s, best known for its cascading gardens and terraces overlooking the sea. If you prefer the grand outdoors over ancient architecture, the best places to explore are the Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Cave) with its hypnotic colors and the Path of the Gods, one of the most popular hiking trail in the Lattari Mountains Park to the north of the Amalfi Coast.
The best places to eat, according to Conde Nast are Taverna del Capitano, La Cambusa and Lo Guarracino, unsurprisingly all located in Positano, the poster-city everyone envisions when thinking about the Amalfi Coast.
Since the Amalfi Coast is such a famous spot, you’ll frequently see A-list celebrities, famous international athletes and billionaires from around the world relaxing nearby. This means high demand for the best properties.
Italy is home to hundreds of luxury properties in our portfolio and the Amalfi Coast has been our focus ever since we began organizing private vacations here. Our history with the property owners and managers allow us to commit to a “Lowest Price Guaranteed” policy. Booking with Fantasia Villas will get you the best value for your vacation budget. And we’ll throw in a heap of concierge services to pamper you throughout your stay.
We believe personal connections and a good history with property owners are what separates the best luxury vacation organizers from the rest of the pack; and we are happy to call many villa owners our friends thanks to our excellent collaboration and track record.
Villa San Giacomo

The most memorable vacations come from sharing experiences!

To that end, you can count on us to arrange a wide range of services and activities:

Private chef
to cook for you delicious meals

for a tour of the island
Yacht Charters
for island-hopping

Airport transfer
and Car Rentals

A Spa Day
massage or relaxation therapy
Yoga Instructor
for a good meditation
for your kids

From the moment you send your first enquiry until you leave the gorgeous
Amalfi Coast and even beyond, rest assured your satisfaction is our goal.

Your luxury vacation is all about making the most of your time in exotic places, enjoying wonderful experiences with your loved ones, family and friends.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance or have any questions.

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Amalfi Coast Villas Live your Fantasy!